groupGroup Coaching is an effective, affordable and convenient way to get you the information you need to build your career or business. Combining the strengths of one-on-one coaching with that of a peer group, participants act as an advisory board for each other and add their experience to the expertise of your coach to open new doors.

Through group coaching you will:

  • Build a plan to meaningfully increase your profitability in the next 12 months
  • Develop new strategic relationships to dramatically impact your success
  • Focus on the major decisions that really matter
  • Get assistance with executing your plan
  • Create real value in your business
  • Create accountability & capability
  • Think BIG
  • Develop your leadership abilities
  • Improve interpersonal skills
  • Move beyond self-imposed limitations
  • Embrace feedback as an improvement tool
  • Understand the necessity of good communication
  • Improve your decision making skills
  • Execute winning business strategies
  • Balance work and life priorities

Group coaching consists of weekly sessions. Virtual sessions are held via video conference. Group coaching starts at $99/month.

To find out more or to talk with a coach/consultant contact The Modern Observer Group.

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