Show Your Authority When Dealing With Customers


Are you an authority in your industry? Why should I utilize your service or product if not? If you convey the idea that you can’t provide what customers expect, they will go elsewhere. You must convey the idea that you are an authority. Here is how you can project confidence and show that you are an authority.

  • Use appropriate language, especially given that more and more client contacts include writing (email, live chat, even Twitter). Create a personal connection before starting the chat. Show the customer that you are paying attention to their issue or complaint before taking action and speaking in a strong, aggressive manner. According to research, using dominating language such as “must,” “confirm,” and “action” rather than deferential phrases such as “afraid” or “mistake” can increase customer satisfaction. Additionally, if you utilize certain words, clients will view you as more helpful. The “white turtleneck” rather than the “shirt” and the “high-top sneakers” rather than the “shoes” are two examples of terminology that should be used by apparel retailers.
  • Don’t be afraid to express your recommendation for a product directly to the client (e.g., “I propose this comforter” or “I recommend this album”); doing it subtly by expressing your own preference (e.g., “I like this comforter” or “I love this music”) may be less successful. A direct recommendation conveys knowledge and assurance.

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