Stop Focusing On Safe

safe space

Over the last few years the word safe has popped up with increasing frequency. People want safe spaces. Leaders are told they need to make their employees feel safe. We’re not talking about physical safety. When people are talking about safe spaces they mean free of conflict. They mean they want their ideas and beliefs not to be challenged. The problem is nothing is ever accomplished in safety.

Ideas are meant to be challenged. By challenging ideas, bad ideas are weeded out and good ideas are improved. New inventions are created because there are challenges to be met and problems to be solved. You grow as a person when you get out of your comfort zone. Stop trying to be safe and try some of these these ideas to get outside of your comfort zone.

  • Learn something new: Find a subject that interests you and learn about it. Read a book. Take a course. Watch some videos on the topics. When you finish with one subject, start another and keep learning. Choose topics that force you to stretch. For example if you’re a creative person, learn something math or science based. If you’re a techie, learn to write, draw or paint. If you’re an introvert, learn to dance.
  • Change your routines: If you check your email first thing in the morning, put it off a go for a run. If you workout first thing in the morning, read a book in the morning. Go to different restaurants or stores. Shift things around and get out of your rut.
  • Extend yourself to others: Go meet new people. Find a mentor. Be a mentor. Volunteer at a non-profit. The idea is to meet people you would not have met before and engage them in conversation.

The risk of staying in your comfort zone is far greater than the risk you imagine. People are not meant to stay safe. They are meant to grow, learn and evolve. To find out how a Modern Observer Group can get out of your comfort zone, schedule a call here.