core competenciesIn the Businetiks system, we talk about focusing on your core competencies. It is important that you spend your time on what you do best and what is most important for you to handle.

It is just as importance to recognize your weaknesses as it is to identify your strengths. Those weaknesses also help identify which jobs fall outside of your core competencies. However, just because something falls outside that focus, doesn’t mean the job can be ignored. How should you handle these tasks?

Get better. If your job includes areas you’re not strong in, work hard to improve. Get a mentor, ask for stretch assignments, or take a class. If you are the person that needs to attend to it, it becomes important that you be able to do it well.

Delegate. Play to your strengths. If it is not mission critical for a task to be accomplished by you, find someone who is better suited for it. Find a peer, or a contractor who can do the things you’re not great at. Outsource tasks to specialists. The time you save will be worth the cost

Move on. If neither of the above work, it’s time to look for a new job. There is no use staying in a position where you always need to hide or mitigate your weaknesses. Focus on your core competencies and get into a business that uses those to their best advantage.

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