Tell A Story To Persuade And Motivate

tell a story

A good story can help you persuade a colleague, a team, an executive, a recruiter, or a huge group of people. The best stories aren’t simply for conveying information. They elicit an emotional response, persuade and they’re also for persuading and motivating others.

  • Place your story in context and connect it to the argument you’re attempting to make. Make it specific to your target audience’s needs: Avoid generic platitudes that could apply to anyone and instead speak to their individual anxieties or problems.
  • Make it crystal clear what you want them to do. You may encourage your audience to take action and make your story their own by giving them practical advice and direction.
  • Maintain your humility. Don’t be hesitant to share failure stories, periods of weakness, or instances when you required assistance. Genuine humility demonstrates that you are capable of growth and learning, which is something that everyone can connect to. Of course, telling a good narrative requires practice, but when done successfully, it can help you and your ideas gain credibility.

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