The Balance Between Learning And Doing


To achieve success it is crucial that you continue to learn. Whether you are learning new skills, reading to keep up with changes in your industry, or simply continuing your education learning is crucial to achieve your goals. However, that learning must be balanced with actually doing tasks and following through.

Aside from the obvious reason that you have to get things done, there is a big difference between practical application and learning. There is an old saying, “In theory, there is no difference between theory and practice. In practice there is.” Someone who studies something will never have the proficiency of someone that studies AND does it. Someone who understands how an internal combustion engine works is not necessarily able to fix one.

The other major reason to move forward with action is to avoid analysis paralysis. Too much learning, like too much planning, leads to analysis paralysis where you are unwilling to move forward until you explore every option. You are not learning for the sake of learning. You are learning to improve yourself and enhance your success. Move forward and do it.

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