The Danger Of An Automatic Process


At The Modern Observer Group we create processes for our clients. Processes for social media, processes for onboarding clients, processes for all kinds of business functions. Why? Because a process keeps you from reinventing the wheel. When you have a process you know what you have to do and how it gets done. You can ensure the same results and the same quality time after time. There is, however, a downside.

A process, by definition, treats every instance exactly the same. The problem is that you don’t necessarily want to treat every situation exactly alike. Case in point: I recently connected to someone on LinkedIn. This was not a new contact. This was someone I have known for over 15 years, we just never bothered to connect on LinkedIn. My connection sent me a message. This was obviously a form message designed to get to know new contacts. The problem? He already knows all the information that is asked for. The message was sent as part of a process, but it was completely irrelevant in this case.

Processes are incredibly useful. They should not automatically be applied every time. You need to make sure the process is going to complete the proper task. Don’t let the fact that you have a process lull you into not thinking about the task at hand.

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