There is a lot of talk about hiring for diversity. Having a diverse workforce has great advantages. However, many companies are falling into the diversity trap. Here’s what it is and how you can avoid it.

The diversity trap happens when companies limit their idea of diversity to race. Hiring managers tend to hire people that they feel an affinity for. This generally means hiring the same type of people. When you diversify hiring by race, but nothing else, you still end up hiring the same type of people.

Different jobs require different types of people. This means hiring people with different skill sets, different attitudes and different personalities. This is where analysis software like that offered by The Modern Observer Group comes in. This allows you to enter a job description and get a profile of what psychographic traits that position needs. Then you can test applicants to see what their profiles are. This allows you to match a person to a position and hire by merit.

Hiring using psychographics and merit gets you the best people for your organization and helps eliminate bias in hiring. This way you get a diverse workforce that brings with it all the benefits of a diverse set of people, ideas, and abilities.

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