The Enemy Of Success Is Fear


There are always obstacles to success, but the biggest barrier is one that people put up for themselves. In many cases we know what needs to be done to achieve our goals, but we let fear dictate what we do. Fear of losing what we already have, fear of failure, fear of ridicule, the list goes on but it all boils down to being afraid. While fear is a useful as an alarm for danger, letting it decide your actions is almost a guarantee of failure.

It’s okay to have fear, but you can’t give it control. THe first step in dealing with your fear is identifying it. What exactly is it that scares you? When you identify your fear you find it is not as scary as it seems. More importantly, you can come up with a plan to deal with what scares you.

  • Identify the consequences: What can happen if you follow the path that frightens you? How bad are those consequences?
  • Plan for those consequences: Make a plan to deal with those consequences should they arise. Are you afraid of losing your job? Plan a budget and savings plan that can get you through. Are you afraid of people calling you a failure? Identify what you can learn from your endeavor and find gains beyond completing your goal.
  • Talk to people: A fear shared is a fear halved. Find people that understand what you are trying to do. Discuss your fears and ask for help accomplishing your goals.

Fear is difficult to control. The important thing is to not let it control you.

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