side hustle

The gig economy provides new ways for entrepreneurs to enhance their earning and in some cases provide funding for their ventures. A side hustle can be an amazing tool for entrepreneurs. More than money, they can offer new ways to meet people and a way to exercise different skills and abilities. There is, however, a downside.

Depending on what your side hustle is, it may impede your ability to establish yourself in your entrepreneurial field. If your side hustle came first, you have (if you’ve been successful) created a brand for yourself in hat side hustle. You’ll need to expand that brand or target a different audience. If you’ve been selling essential oils, that audience may not accept you as a web designer. Target different markets for each job. If your markets overlap, show how your skills are transferable.

The other difficulty that entrepreneurs with a side hustle face is finding time to focus on each. Remember that both jobs require the proper amount of time, although an entrepreneurial effort will require quite a bit more time than your side hustle. Schedule your time carefully and you can balance the two.

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