The Importance Of R&R

coachby Eric Lopkin

When you exercise, your body gets stronger. Exercise breaks down your muscles creating tears. When you rest between workouts, those tears heal and become stronger. The rest period is essential to the process. The same thing applies to your mind and work.

Constant work breaks you down. You feel its effects as stress and exhaustion. For your mind to recover and become stronger, the rest period is just as essential as it is when working out. However, a large number of Americans do not take vacations and do not take the time off they are entitled to. Worse, many of us stay connected to work even when we are not there, through email, texts and phone calls.

The rest period is crucial to you becoming stronger. Th more you work, the more you break down. Without that rest period the damage you do to yourself becomes worse. Take the time to rest, your mind, body and spirit will thank you.