The Mindset Of Being A Kid

mindset of kids

The road to success is hard. It’s filled with the stress of paying bills, getting the work done, and generally being responsible. The fact is that all of the stress that goes along with the day-to-day life you have to run while trying to achieve success takes its toll. To stay on top of your game and keep the stress from beating you down, give yourself permission to be a kid.

What does that mean? It means that periodically you have to put all the worries of adulthood aside and have some fun. Do what you loved doing when you were a kid. Go to an amusement park. Walk around the zoo. Go to a park or a movie. Have some fun. The most important part of this is not worrying about being an adult. Do you want to jump rope? Do it. Do you want to play a game? Do it. Who cares if what you want to do isn’t what an “adult” would do?

Why is this important? Your brain is under constant pressure. Think of a workout. When you exercise, you need to rest your muscles to get the best results and not strain them. Your brain needs the same rest, but most people don’t get it. Give your brain a rest so you can recharge. Be a kid and have fun.

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