The Problem With Surveys

SurveysSurveys are a valuable tool for getting feedback. There are some big drawbacks, however, for you to consider before acting on the results of a survey.

Survey respondents may not be giving you the whole truth. This was illustrated recently when a survey and a data analysis were done to gauge the habits of millennials. In the survey, millennials overwhelming said they are looking for experiences and go out to eat frequently. The data showed something different. Looking at their actual purchases showed that millennials tend not to eat out. Instead, they order from restaurants and take it home. Why is this difference  important? One of the largest profit centers for restaurants is drinks. Take out orders generally do not have drinks, meaning the order is much less profitable than someone eating in the restaurant.

In a survey, people tend to answer the way they think they should answer rather than giving an honest answer. The difference what people do and what they say they do is important if you are using that information to determine a strategy. When building your strategy follow the data and take surveys with a grain of salt.