Time Management Starts By Knowing How You Spend Time

time management

It’s happened to all of us. We look at the clock and wonder where the time has gone. People complain that they do not have enough time during the day. If you want to use a time management system effectively, you first have to understand where you are spending it.

When we produced the Businetiks Daily Planner for our clients, the focus wasn’t simply to schedule your day. It was to understand how you work and spend time. The idea is to track your time, understand how you spend your time, and how you should be scheduling your time. Here are three things you need to do to start an effective time management program.

  • Learn where you spend time: Write down everything you do and when you do it. Include everything: eating, spending time on social media, projects, family time, everything. Once you see everything you are doing you will know where you are spending time.
  • Evaluate what you are doing: Once you write down what you are doing, evaluate it whether or not it relates to achieving your goals. If you are learning something that you need to know to accomplish your goal or working directly on your goal, that is highly effective. If you are flipping channels on the television or scrolling endlessly through your Facebook feed, that is wasting time. Understanding how much time is wasted during the day is the first step to being more productive and effective.
  • Track your energy: There are many time management books that tell you to get up earlier. This is not effective for everyone. Track when you feel most energized and least energized. When does your attention fade and your energy dip. Track this over time and find the patterns. Once you know when you are at your peak energy, you can schedule your most important tasks or most difficult tasks at those times, making them easier and you more productive.

To see how a Modern Observer Group coach can help you make better use of your time, schedule a call here or contact us at the information below. Modern Observer Group programs are based on the Businetiks system as detailed in the book, “The Businetiks Way.”