Tips To Promote Yourself

Promoting yourself can be a challenge, especially if you are typically modest. A little self-knowledge and confidence in your abilities can go a long way if you spend some time refining the skills it takes to advance your cause, whether it is for yourself or ultimately for your company. Additionally, don’t forget to start a website (with a blog page) and an e-mail marketing campaign to help position yourself as an expert in your industry.

Display Confidence And Conviction In The Things That You Do: Your expertise and opinions count so stand up and offer suggestions with confidence. The worst your boss can say is, “Thanks but no thanks.” And if you are working for yourself, the worst that can happen is your prospect turns you down. Ultimately, your opinion will be valued, and voicing it (without being arrogant, of course) will display the confidence and willingness to promote the company your boss is looking for.

Use Social Networking (Selectively): Aside from telling the world what you are having for lunch, you can just as easily tell the world the goods or services you have to offer. People actually read and respond to the newsfeeds, and when they do, your post can potentially be viewed by their contacts. Thus, instant networking is literally at your fingertips. You may find that starting a blog would also be a good way to position yourself as an expert.

Use Your Business Card: A timeless marketing tool, the business card can pack a lot of information on a small, convenient and portable piece of paper. With careful consideration, you can come up with a catchy tagline that sums up what you are offering. Use graphics that are relevant to your business without overdoing it. It is also important that you follow up with your prospect; otherwise, your card may end up in a drawer with all the others.