To Engage Your Employees, Show Them Respect


Showing respect enhances a leader’s influence and performance – and a worldwide study found that it’s the leadership behavior with the biggest effect on employee engagement. Yet many leaders struggle to show respect to their employees. 

To become a more respectful leader, try these tips: 

  • Ask for help. Collect feedback from trusted friends and colleagues about when they’ve seen you treat people well or badly. Then look for patterns. When are you at your best? How could you treat people better?
  • Reflect. Keep a journal about when and why you are uncivil. Being more aware of your behavior is an essential part of improving it.
  • Work with a coach. A skilled coach can assist you with uncovering the reasons for your uncivil behavior and taking steps to change it.
  • Be accountable. Identify one behavior change to work on, then have your team help you track your progress.

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