CoachingCoaches and consultants are everywhere now. Despite the existence of some training programs, there is no real certification so anyone can use those terms. If you are looking for a coach or consultant, watch out for these signs.

  • Are they really a coach or consultant?: Many network marketers call themselves coaches and consultants. If the person you are talking with expects you to sell their products, they are not a coach/consultant.
  • How long have they been in business?: I recently came across two very nice business people who announced that they were starting workshops to pass on what they had learned in business. They were recent college graduates who had been running their business for nine months. They have not learned enough to teach others.
  • What are they really teaching?: In one online group I watched a coach tell her clients that it was a bad time to start new projects because “Mercury is in retrograde.” Mercury is never in retrograde. It’s an illusion created by the different speeds that the planets orbit the sun. If you’re coach is relying on superstition or junk science, find another coach.
  • How far along are they in their development?: I saw one coach post online how proud they were that they finally stopped taking client rejections personally. This is a basic achievement. While your coach should be continuously improving themselves, they should be more than one lesson ahead of you. Find out how long they have been coaching/consulting and what they did before.