When Creating An Experience The Details Matter


Whether you are trying to get people to come into a retail location or selling educational programs online, creating an experience is crucial to building your success. When you create an experience all the details matter. When you use fewer sensory inputs to create the experience, the details matter more.

What do we mean by sensory inputs? Those are the parts of the experience that impact different senses. In a restaurant, you create experiences that impact taste, touch, sight, smell and hearing. In a non-food retail setting you impact sight, hearing and smell. If you are creating an audiobook, you only impact hearing. The fewer senses you impact, the more every detail matters.

An example of this is two audiobooks. Both of these are on very similar topics and written by the same author. Even some of the content is the same. However the production of the two books are different. As a result, one book can be listened to over and over again. The second book, which was produced poorly, has audio dropping out and is read by the author instead of a professional narrator is hard to listen to and certainly not a book you want to listen to repeatedly. One book has a great experience, the other is highly flawed.

By the same token, have you ever walked out of a store because something didn’t smell right or they were playing horrible music over the speakers? Those details ruined the experience for you. It isn’t enough to have something people want to buy, you need to create a pleasant experience for them to buy in and when they use the product. It’s not just about in person. The experience that is created by Amazon is why people shop there over and over.

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