Who Are You Giving A Referral For?


Businesses thrive on referrals. There are organizations that exist for sole purpose of having businesses trade referrals. Before you give another referral, think about who you are giving the referral for. In every referral there are three parties: you, the person you are referring, and the business you are referring to. In reality you are trying to help all three parties but by putting one party over the others, you can give better referrals.

Your focus needs to be on the person you are referring. Many businesspeople focus on the business they are referring people to, in hopes that they will get referrals in return. The fact is this can lead to substandard referrals that backfire. The you focus on referring a business, it may not be a good fit for the customer you are referring to them. When you focus on finding the customer the best fit, you produce a referral that is better for all parties. The customer is happier because they are getting the best possible product/service. The business benefits because they have made a sale and have a happy customer that will come back to them and refer others. You benefit because both parties have a good experience and you may get referrals for either party.

Just because you know someone that performs a service, doesn’t mean they’re the best referral for you to make. Put the customer first and make sure you are referring the business that will do the best job for that particular customer.

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