advisory group

The Modern Observer Group hosts Coaching Advisory Groups for executives and entrepreneurs. These groups have weekly calls and meet in person on a monthly basis. What do participants get from a Coaching Advisory Group?

Aside from the benefits of a coach to assist you as needed when you are a member of a coaching advisory group you get the following benefits.

  • You learn from peers which, has long been proven very effective.
  • You receive candid and constructive feedback from peers who are in stable, profitable, seasoned businesses.
  • You benefit from fellow peers experiences.
  • You network with business to business peers by sharing advice, information, recommendations and referrals.
  • You obtain immediate and objective feedback from business to business peers at every meeting.
  • You participate in effectively and efficiently run confidential CEO Mastermind Forums facilitated by multiple highly accomplished business leaders with successful CEO-level experience.
  • You are challenged and held accountable by your business to business peers to make and execute critical decisions.
  • You participate in monthly business to business referral networking training and quarterly business development workshops facilitated by local experts.
  • You have access to the private counsel of successful CEOs, facilitators and thought-leaders.
  • You no longer make decisions in a vacuum. Listening only to your own counsel.

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