As businesses adapt to new situations, something that all businesses need to look at is how they can move parts of their business to mobile and web technologies. Here are some ways you should be using technology in the new business environment.

  • Websites: Recent surveys show that 40% of small businesses still do not have a website. Your website is the portal to your business. It makes your business visible in search engines. It doesn’t matter what kind of business you have, your customers are looking for you online.
  • Appointments: Many businesses are limited in how many people they can serve at one time. It makes it simpler if your customers can go to your website and make an appointment.
  • Payments: Make it easy for your customers to pay you. Companies like Square, PayPal, and Intuit make it very easy and inexpensive for you to accept credit cards on y6our website or mobile device. In many cases, you accept payments contactless, either by allowing your customer to put a card directly in a chip reader, accepting Apple Pay or Google Wallet, or taking payments on your website.

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