Your Favorite Tradition Is A Process

traditions are processes

Think about your favorite holiday traditions. Whether it has to do with gift giving or what you have for dinner or who you spend the holidays with, that tradition evokes an emotional response. It brings up memories of past holidays and good feelings in general. The process of creating a holiday tradition is comforting.

What is a tradition, though? It’s something you do every year in a specific way to achieve a specific feeling. In other words, it’s an operational process. You do the same thing, feel the same way, and get the same results year after year.

That’s exactly why you should be creating processes for your business. The same feeling of comfort that you get from your holiday tradition is felt by your client when they get the same level of service, the same satisfying and enjoyable experience every time they deal with your company.

So if building processes seems daunting to you, think of it as building traditions that you and your customers will enjoy for years to come.

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