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Put Your Own Oxygen Mask On First
July 6, 2020
If you have been on a plane and paid attention to the emergency instructions, you have been told in case of emergency put your own oxygen mask on first. The re...
Plan For Success
June 22, 2020
It's a common problem. Businesses plan to become successful, but they can't handle it when it happens. While startups frequently have this problem, it is b...
Small Ways To Show Appreciation And Gratitude
June 19, 2020
You don’t need grand gestures to show your employees you appreciate them. Sometimes, it’s the little, everyday things that matter most. Start by checking in wi
Never Waste A Crisis
June 17, 2020
There's an old saying in politics, "Never waste a crisis." In politics it means that if you can frame your priorities so that it seems they can help in a crisi...
Is Your Business Mask Worthy?
June 15, 2020
In an episode of "Seinfeld" Elaine found out that her favorite contraceptive had been discontinued. Needing to stretch her supply she evaluated every man she m...
Spark Your Own Creativity
June 12, 2020
When our daily routines are geared toward barreling through a to-do list, it can be hard to set the right conditions for creativity. Fortunately, there is ...