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Are You Still Stewing About That Mistake You Made?
October 19, 2020
When you make a mistake at work, do you replay it in your head for days or even weeks? This kind of overthinking is called rumination, and it can lead to s...
How To Increase Your Versatility
October 16, 2020
Versatility is a key leadership trait. Managers must have the capacity to read and respond to change with a wide repertoire of skills and behaviors. So how...
The Danger Of An Automatic Process
October 14, 2020
At The Modern Observer Group we create processes for our clients. Processes for social media, processes for onboarding clients, processes for all kinds of ...
Do You Know Where Your Leads Are?
October 7, 2020
Defining your approach to qualifying and tracking leads can drive a ton more business…some ideas from Marc Kitz, Sales Coach!   How easily can you/your comp
How To Organize Your Workspace
October 5, 2020
By Maria GroveFounder, Bliss This House LLC With most people still working from home the topic of organizing your workspace is a hot one right now. ...
Check The Tone of Your Message Before Hitting Send
September 23, 2020
When teams are working remotely and stress levels are high, it’s all too easy to miscommunicate. Even well-intentioned messages can be misconstrued. So how