Who We Are

Founded by Eric Lopkin, The Modern Observer Group is a team of coaches and consultants with diverse specialties, ranging from marketing and communication to economics and management. Eric has taken the core principles of tried and true management techniques and combined them with today’s technology to create a system that executives, entrepreneurs, and companies of all sizes can apply to succeed. The proprietary system is called Businetiks™.

Why we are called The Modern Observer Group

Where did the name The Modern Observer Group come from? The name refers to a law in quantum physics that says an event is changed by the act of observing it. How does that apply to business? It means that one size doesn’t fit all. For success to occur, it is necessary to take into consideration what success means to all of your audiences (customers, partners, suppliers, employees, etc.) This is why The Modern Observer Group takes holistic view of business. We consider how all the pieces fit together and how each process and each function affects all the details as well as the big picture.

What Sets Us Apart

The Modern Observer Group are business coaches, life coaches and consultants. The combination of the three allows us to coach our clients to success and also provide the needed knowledge and abilities to solve problems as they may arrive. One life coach described the difference between success coaching and The Modern Observer Group this way, “Success coaches teach their clients that the universe will provide the resources they need. The Modern Observer Group is the resource the universe provides.”

The Businetiks™ system combines a wide range of principles, combining the basics of coaching principles such as the theory of attraction and adding solid management theories like the theory of constraints, lean Six Sigma, kaizen, and more. Businetiks™ then goes one step further and adds tech tools like web technologies, social media tools, e-mail marketing, QR codes, etc. to take those principles and turn them into concrete success.

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