Just wanted to thank you for the time management session Thursday morning. I have made more progress on critical (A) tasks in the past few days than I have in weeks! Couldn’t have done it without you! THANKS!!

Jane sends her appreciation for your influence on me. I was also able to block time to spend with her on her day off yesterday:)

— Mike Ski, Hair Today

I met Eric [founder and president of The Modern Observer Group] through the Empower Business Connection networking groups that his company runs. Eric has been a valuable mentor and business coach for me as I built my business. I know I won’t get “one size fits all” cliched answers from Eric. His insight and advice have always been carefully considered and personalized to my situation. I strongly recommend Eric’s mastermind groups and coaching for anyone looking for a new, experienced business perspective and help overcoming career obstacles.

— Liza Sivek, Owner and CMS, Inbound Hound Creative Agency 

I had the pleasure of being a part of The Modern Observer Group’s small business mastermind group, and it was truly a game-changer for my business. The group consisted of Eric Lopkin [president of The Modern Observer Group] and a few other individuals, all of whom were experts in their respective fields.

Eric was an exceptional leader, and his guidance and insights were invaluable. He was able to facilitate our discussions in a way that allowed us to dive deep into our business challenges and come up with creative solutions.

The group dynamic was fantastic, and the other members were supportive, knowledgeable, and provided a diverse range of perspectives. I learned so much from their experiences and was able to apply their advice to my own business.

The accountability aspect of the group was also crucial. We all set goals for ourselves each week and checked in with each other to ensure we were making progress. This helped to keep us on track and motivated to achieve our objectives.

Overall, I would highly recommend Eric’s mastermind group to any business owner looking to take their business to the next level. The group provided a supportive environment for learning and growth, and the insights and guidance provided by Eric and the other members were invaluable.

— Brian Williams, Northshire Consulting