Mastermind Peer Advisory Groups

New Mastermind Groups starting January 3, 2024:

mastermind groups
  • Wednesday mornings at 8:00 am eastern time
  • Thursday at noon eastern time
  • Friday at 8:00 am eastern time

All groups are for 1 year.
Monthly payments: $249/month for 12 months (click here to purchase your first month)
Annual payments: $2,500/year (two months free (click here to purchase your annual group membership)

Mastermind Peer Advisory groups work together to build your success through coaching/masterminding to increase skills and knowledge. To find out more about how a Mastermind Peer Advisory Group can help you schedule a call here or apply for a spot using the form below.

Combining the strengths of one-on-one coaching, a networking group, and a peer group, mastermind members act as a board of directors for each other to add their experience to the expertise of your coach to open new doors.

Available groups include general mastermind groups that are open to everyone, young professionals groups that focus on the unique requirements of the lives, careers, and businesses of young professionals, and executive groups that are more intensive. Mastermind Peer Advisory Groups take members through the Businetiks system as described in the book, “The Businetiks Way.”

Groups meet via Zoom each week. Each member discusses items they would like to improve. The Coach & other participants offer suggestions to assist and hold the participants accountable for taking action.

Our business mastermind groups cross industries and specialties. These groups allow you to learn from others across industries to help you set and achieve goals, handle difficulties as they arise, and focus on achieving more.

Through mastermind peer advisory groups you will:

  • Build a plan to meaningfully increase your profitability
  • Develop new strategic relationships and dramatically impact your success
  • Focus on the major decisions that really matter and create real value in your business
  • Get assistance with executing your plan
  • Create accountability & capability
  • Think Big
  • Develop your leadership abilities and improve interpersonal skills
  • Move beyond self-imposed limitations
  • Embrace feedback as an improvement tool
  • Understand the necessity of good communication
  • Improve your decision making skills
  • Execute winning business strategies
  • Balance work and life priorities

Participants get:

  • Instant and valuable support networks
  • Collaborations between participants
  • New perspectives on their business or career
  • Honest feedback, advice and brainstorming resources
  • The ability to tap into the experience and skills of the group
  • New learning opportunities
  • The opportunity to talk through problems
  • Inspiration and answers
  • Increased follow-through and accountability

Sharing experiences through group coaching expands your ability to achieve success by building a network of trusted advisors who share your journey towards success and work with you as you help build each others careers and businesses. Your coach will keep you on track as group members grow their strengths, set and achieve individual goals, and learn how to adapt to ongoing challenges. Additionally, the group acts as a networking opportunity to build relationships and find new opportunities for all its members.

Apply for a spot here: