Authenticity: Why What You Do When No One Is Looking Matters


Even though it can feel like everyone is watching us, our real selves shine through when we’re alone. It’s when everyone else is looking away that your authenticity shines through. What we do when no one is looking isn’t just a bunch of things we do without anyone noticing; it’s the sound of who we are.

Take a moment to think about the small acts of kindness or honesty that happen every day. Do we still help those in need when there are no people around to praise or blame us? When no one is around to see us, do we stick to our beliefs and values? When we do these seemingly unimportant things by ourselves, they show what kind of person we are.

Why does it matter, though? When no one is around to see them, why should we care about the images we make? It’s because these times have such a big effect on our lives and show our authenticity.


The first thing that forms our inner landscape is what we do when no one is looking. It shows how honest we are, how determined we are to always do the right thing, even when no one is looking. Being honest, kind, or hardworking builds our character and gives us a sense of self-respect and inner peace that goes beyond what other people say about us.


Also, the things we do by ourselves have effects on the world that we may never fully understand. One act of kindness or generosity, done quietly and without much fanfare, can encourage others and boost happiness all around. Instead, a moment of selfishness or lying can cause problems and suspicion that last for a long time after the act is over.

Moreover, what we do when no one is watching determines the course of our lives. The sum of these moments we don’t see determines the path our lives take, either taking us to our goals or away from them. The habits we form when we are alone, whether they are ones of self-control and growth or ones of sluggishness and comfort, shape our path and make us who we are.

What we do when no one is watching shows what kind of person we are. As we speak, it shows what our values, principles, and goals are. Even though these times may not always be seen by everyone, they have an effect that goes far beyond our alone time.

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