Find Joy at Work Again


With remote work, inflation, and other changes in the workplace over the last few years, many people are finding the they no longer get any joy from their jobs. Finding at least some happiness at work isn’t just a matter of people not wanting to work. Research has shown that joy is an emotional response and outlook that’s vital to our well-being, cognitive functioning, and performance. So how can we go about getting some positivity back?

  • Build your strengths into your day. Ask yourself, “When are recent times that I’ve felt energized at work? In these situations, what was I doing?” Then carve out time in your schedule for those sorts of tasks.
  • Share with a trusted colleague. Identify a few people you feel comfortable opening up to, and in one-on-one conversations, reflect on what you’ve experienced over the last year. You could share what’s been challenging but also what you’re grateful for.
  • Rebuild relationships through work. To combat feelings of isolation, reconnect with colleagues — and it’s OK to talk about work. Try a “walk and talk” with coworkers to understand what’s most important to them right now or areas of mutual interest. This connection will not only bolster your own sense of energy and joy, it will also benefit the entire team.

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