It Doesn’t Matter What Used To Be


One of the problems that many businesses face is trying to adapt to changing conditions. Technology and industry disruption throw businesses into chaos. How you deal with it can decide whether or not your business survives. The biggest mistake that businesspeople when trying to handle this situation is trying to turn back the clock and make things the way they used to be.

Business (and life in general) always move forward. When circumstances occur that change your situation, it is a natural inclination to try to put things back as they were. The problem with this is that things keep moving forward. By trying to move backward, the best you can manage is to stand still, in the situation you are trying to get out of.

When a business starts to automate, jobs change. When an industry changes, what used to be valuable may not be worth as much anymore. Trying to make things the way they were is a waste of time and energy. Examine the new situation, determine how you can adapt, and more forward. The longer and harder you try to resist change the worse you make your situation.

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