Make a Great First Impression

first impression

Whether you’re interviewing for a job or making a sales call with a new client, the first impression you make matters. Your relationships and interactions will be a lot easier if you start off strong. Here’s how to do it:

  • Do your homework. Know who you’re talking to, what she cares about, and the problem she’s trying to solve. Prepare relevant talking points before the meeting.
  • Exude confidence. It’s normal to be nervous, but you don’t want your anxiety to show. Your body language should be confident and comfortable. Take long strides. Sit up straight. Walk with your chest held high.
  • Engage and be engaging. Draw out the other person. Listen to what she’s saying. Ask thoughtful follow-up questions. The better you make her feel, the more she’s inclined to have a positive impression of you.
  • Follow up. To ensure your first impression sticks, write the person a thank you note or send an article related to the conversation you had.

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