Messaging Habits Can Ruin Your Career


Whether it’s texting, social media, or messaging apps, younger workers need to pay closer attention to how they communicate. A study by LinkedIn showed the biggest problem with younger employees is a lack of communication skills. A big part of this is that younger workers let texting and messaging acronyms into more formal communications. While some of these acronyms, like LOL, have worked their way into today’s language, the majority of abbreviations and acronyms have not.

What happens when you use these acronyms/abbreviations?

  • You are not taken seriously.
  • People think you can’t spell
  • It gives the impression that you are immature

Unless you are messaging a friend, use sentences and spell words correctly. Spelling and grammar matter. Learn to spell. Use proper grammar. You are judged by how you communicate. Communicating properly gets you ahead.

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