Your Mission Statement Needs An Overhaul

mission statement

Read some corporate mission statements. They all start to sound the same after a while. Many statements tend to use the same corporate jargon. Most mission statements are vague. There are usually some laudable ideas behind them, but the standard mission statement doesn’t express them. To create a mission statement that means something, follow these three tips:

  • Be specific about who you serve: No matter how much you believe your product or service can benefit “anyone” your mission will be diluted if you try to serve everyone. Be specific about your mission and who you are going to serve. Describe your audience in your mission statement with a few words such as “business owners who need…” or “people who have xxx condition.”
  • What need do you fill?: When potential customers come to you, what do they need? Your business is there to fill that need. Be specific about what it is. Do you provide education, treatment, training, etc.? Explain briefly how you fill that need.
  • What do your customers look like when they leave?: Once a client uses your product or service, they should change. What is that change? They can be healthier, better educated, happier, etc. What is the change that you achieve? Achieving this change is key to your mission. Make people understand what your goal is and how you achieve it.

When you follow those three tips, you can create a simple, effective mission statement to focus your business. A clear and concise mission statement will make it easier for you to achieve your goals and bring in customers, suppliers, partners and other stakeholders by making your mission easily understood. To see how a Modern Observer Group coach can help you focus on your mission, schedule a call here or contact us at the information below. Modern Observer Group programs are based on the Businetiks system as detailed in the book, “The Businetiks Way.”