Reduce Your Reliance On Jargon


While many of us find jargon to be annoying, it remains a staple of the modern workplace. In some cases, jargon has a legitimate purpose. It can be a mechanism for efficient communication (think air traffic controllers) or help employees bond over a shared identity. Relying on jargon can make people feel excluded, lead them to tune out or simply misunderstand you. If you’re concerned about the potential negative effects of jargon, consider the following:

  • Know your audience. There are times when using jargon can help you signal expertise or credibility. But when clarity and engagement are paramount, it may be costly.
  • Check yourself. Ask yourself whether there’s a simpler way to communicate your idea.
  • Stick To It. Avoiding jargon consistently when not talking to people in your industry sends a clear message that you’re confident in your abilities and interested in being understood rather than showing off.

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