Show Gratitude To The People That Help You


In an episode of “Mad Men” Bert Cooper tells Don Draper that “Sacajawea carried a baby on her back all the way to the Pacific Ocean. And somewhere, that baby thinks he discovered America.” He is pointing out to Don that others have helped him get where he is. Like Don Draper, most of us have had assistance getting to where we are and you need to express gratitude.

Nothing is created in a vacuum. Everything we do is the result of what we have learned, what we have experienced, and the people who have influenced us. It is important to be grateful for all those who have taught us, supported us, and encouraged us. Here are some ways to help you focus on gratitude.

Focus On Gratitude

  • Find one thing a day to be grateful for: There is always something to be thankful for, even if it is the ability to get out of bed in the morning. If you are healthy, you have at least one person who cares about you, or have regular income coming in, you have more than some people. Focus on what you have.
  • Say thank you: When someone does something for you, even if it is as simple as holding a door open, say thank you. Expressing gratitude on a regular basis makes it easier for you to focus on gratitude.
  • Pay it forward: Do something nice for someone else. By paying it forward, you are putting more gratitude into the world. The more positivity you spread, the more you feel.

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