When people talk about becoming successful they tend to focus on work. Success is more than just job performance or how much money you make. To get yourself on the right track, here are three things you can do to boost your success that have nothing to do with work.

  • Stop going to Starbucks: We use Starbucks as an example but it can be anyplace that you are buying overpriced coffee drinks on a regular basis. Buy a higher-end coffee maker that can make all the drinks that you get at Starbucks and gives you the flexibility to make one cup or multiple cups (not a K-cup machine). These systems run around $250. If you’re buying coffee daily, your investment will pay off in about six weeks. After that you’ll be saving money. You’ll also be healthier since most Starbucks drinks are high in calories and sugar. Add to that the time you’ll save not standing in line (most of these machines can be set up the night before and be set so your coffee is ready when you want it). Put it in a tumbler to go and its also better for the environment.
  • Learn to cook: This is similar to the first tip, but more wide ranging. When you know how to cook, you eat healthier and save money. A second part to this is learn to shop. When you know where to buy food, you can make yourself gourmet meals for less than the cost of fast food. Dinner leftovers can easily become the next day’s lunch. Don’t rely on meal kit services. When you know how to shop and cook, you can make the same meals for about a third of what they charge with higher quality ingredients. Again, you’re saving money and increasing your health. While some meals will take time, a good restaurant quality steak dinner can be cooked in as little as 20 minutes.
  • Don’t skimp on sleep: The importance of sleep cannot be overstated. Your body needs it to stay healthy and your mind needs it to stay focused. Studies have shown that when you learn new skills, they become ingrained in you while you sleep. Your mind also tends to work on problems while you sleep, so your productivity is enhanced. Get the sleep you need.

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