Adapt Or Die


Businesspeople are like sharks. To survive they must always be moving forward. You must be able to adapt. In constantly changing times you must develop new skills and reapply old ones. Sometimes, this means shifting your industry, shifting your focus, or changing direction completely. A mid-career switch can be challenging, especially if you’ve become pigeonholed in your current role. Instead of becoming stuck contemplating how to move forward, here are some ideas on how to adapt:

  • Learn new skills: From Audible to YouTube there are hundreds of low and no cost ways to develop new abilities. Don’t limit yourself to job skills. Explore history, physics, engineering, psychology or whatever else interests you. No matter what you are learning it will expand your brain and you will develop new insights to apply to your work and life.
  • Experiment: Take on freelance or pro bono assignments that allow you to try new roles while staying in your current job. 
  • Make new connections: To move in a new direction, you need a new network. Reach out to people who can give you a fresh perspective on what you’re trying to achieve. 
  • Understand and communicate what you’re doing: Tell others the story of who you hope to become professionally. This will help clarify your intentions and keep you motivated. Plus, you might win the support of your listeners. 

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