social mediaMore and more social media is a visual medium. Facebook has even added features to make status updates more visual. To grab people’s attention here are tips to help you get started in creating great visual-based content.

Show off your stuff.

If you are a small business selling a product, this part is easy. Take some photos of your products, and post them on the social networks that most of your customers use. Go beyond a product catalog by sharing images of new products that you’re excited about and showing your enthusiasm. Service-based businesses can use lifestyle shots to connect their audience to the essence of what they do.

Get close.

Get up close to your subject. Make sure to fill the frame with the image. In many cases, images uploaded to social media sites will be viewed in a small, thumbnail-sized box first. So the subject of your photograph needs to be clearly visible, even at a small size.

Make your photos helpful to customers.

Sharing photographs of products, services, and staff can be helpful because when customers come visit your business, they will already know who to ask for, and what they’re looking for. You have created a connection with them and that makes their job as a consumer much easier.

Name your photos

Don’t give them generic names like, img928.jpg. Make names and descriptions key word rich.