Communications is an integral part of your customer relationships. Customers need to feel that you are accessible when they need you. Problems occur when communications preferences get in the way. As a business person, you need to be able to handle whatever your clients prefer.

While phone and email have been standard in business for decades, communications has changed as business does. Online companies have stopped providing phone numbers, much to the aggravation of their customers. As millennials entered the workforce, they used text messaging as their primary communications. Even more recently, Facebook Messenger has emerged as a channel for customers trying to reach your business.

Your business needs to have communications channels open. You should be ready to add communications channels, but just as important let people know how you can be reached. If you do not respond to Facebook Messenger, make sure people know. If you have a Facebook business page and don’t use messenger, Facebook tells people you are not responsive.

Make a conscious decision about what communications channels you will use. Ensure your customers know how best to reach you. Finally, be sure to answer when customers reach out.

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