Connect With Your Audience When You’re Presenting Remotely

Zoom Meeting

Good presenters know how to connect with their audience — which is really challenging in a virtual setting. To start, you have to adopt an engaged, active persona.

  • Make “eye contact” with your participants by looking directly into the camera as often as possible. This can be hard to remember, especially if you have to look elsewhere on your screen to see the participants. To make it easier, set up your screen so that the window with your audience is close to the camera. This way you can simultaneously make eye contact with them and see their response.
  • Pay attention to the angle of the camera so your face is at a comfortable level for others to see you. (You want to avoid giving your audience a great view of your nostrils!)
  • Remember to show a warm, engaging smile, laugh occasionally, and maintain a friendly, engaging tone. In informal meetings, you might create a connection by turning the camera on your dog laying by your feet. In more formal settings, you can start the meeting with a personal story or ask people to share where they’re calling from to create a sense of warmth and connection.

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