Didn’t Get Much Done Yesterday? Don’t Beat Yourself Up


Do you often feel guilty or frustrated at the end of your work day for not getting as much done as you had hoped? You’re not alone! But these emotions are neither useful, nor healthy. What can you do about them? Here are some tips to get you past that feeling and move on:

  • Practice self-compassion. Recognize negative ruminations for what they are: a story you’re telling yourself. Instead of beating yourself up, you might think: “I did my best today and I hope to get more done tomorrow. My colleagues probably understand because they’re busy, too.”
  • Think about the factors that kept you from accomplishing items on your list, and recognize that oftentimes, circumstances can’t be helped.
  • Be realistic about what you can reasonably accomplish over the course of your day. Try making peace with the notion that you’ll never be caught up, and you’ll always have things that you really wish you’d gotten to. If you can accept the constant state of non-completion, the guilt will hopefully fade.

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