Details Matter


I was watching a woman on YouTube discuss cooking in an air fryer.  When she pulled the food out, it looked horrible.  In fact, she said “It looks like throw up but that’s okay.”  No it’s not.  Creating a meal should be an experience. It should appeal to your taste, smell and sight.  This woman was simply throwing food into pots with no regard for the details of cooking.   The truth is many business people make the same mistake.  When creating a customer experience, details matter.  

The difference between an average experience and a phenomenal one is the attention to detail.   The details in your business aren’t a small thing. When the details aren’t right, people notice. There are hundreds of pictures on social media captioned “You had one job,” showing screwed up work. Misspelled words on your sign, a cheap, flimsy business card or the fact that the front of your store looks like it hasn’t been washed since the 1950s may not have anything to do with the quality of the product or service you sell, but it does affect how people view you.

Whether you are trying to get people to come into a retail location or selling educational programs online, creating an experience is crucial to building your success. When you create an experience all the details matter. When you use fewer sensory inputs to create the experience, the details matter more.

What do we mean by sensory inputs? Those are the parts of the experience that impact different senses. In a restaurant, you create experiences that impact taste, touch, sight, smell and hearing. In a non-food retail setting you impact sight, hearing and smell. If you are creating an audiobook, you only impact hearing. The fewer senses you impact, the more every detail matters. 

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