Do You Communicate Or Just Talk?


The ability to communicate is important to your success. The more transparent you are and the more your various audiences understand, the better off everyone is. There is a point of diminishing returns. How much time are you wasting in your quest to be transparent?

Recently I sat through a webinar detailing the changes that were occurring between my company and one of our business partners. I disconnected after 45 minutes. In that time approximately 10 minutes of valuable information was imparted. That information was repeated several times. Not only was most of the webinar wanted time, the information could have been imparted in an email.

Webinars are hardly the only culprit of time wasting. How often have you had an exchange of emails going back and forth many times when the information could have been discussed over the phone and been finished in a few minutes?

Time is a valuable commodity. Transparency is important but you need to consider the best way to impart information. If you are truly being clear and concise you can cut the time it takes to communicate by more than half. Be transparent, but do it efficiently.

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