Don’t Stretch Yourself Too Thin

stretchYou are a superstar. Everyone knows it. You are the one to turn to when something needs to be done. This usually results in an abundance of requests for assistance. You want to help everyone, but saying yes to everyone isn’t helping them. Worst of all it is not only detrimental to the people you’re trying to help, it’s bad for you.

Stretching yourself too thin affects the work you are doing and your physical and mental well-being. When you pile too much into your schedule:

  • You do not focus on any one task, as you are trying to juggle multiple deadlines. This results in the work being completed with a lower level of quality than you would otherwise provide. Worse, you could miss the deadline all together and not complete the task.
  • You begin to suffer from mental exhaustion, which keeps you from concentrating properly.
  • The stress affects your physical health. There comes a point where your body tells you to stop, whether you want to or not.

Keep your work and your health at its peak by being honest and telling people when you cannot fit anything else into your schedule.