Keep Things Fresh By Creating A “New” Day


We all have things that we have to do on a regular basis. We do them over and over and risk falling into a rut. It’s just as easy to fall into a comfort zone and stay there. Whether you’re in a rut or staying in your comfort zone, you need to shake things up to get things done. One way to do this is create a “new” day.

Pick one day a week. On that day try a new food or go somewhere you’ve never been. Use this day to take a class and learn something new. The idea is to expose yourself to something new each week on that day. By doing this you keep yourself from falling into a rut. It also helps keep your brain active and sharp.

It’s a simple act to bring something new into your life on a regular basis. THe effects of that act can keep you on top of your game and moving forward.

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