Leadership Can Be Improved With Patience


Effective leadership, especially in times of crisis, necessitates perseverance. As a leader, you must maintain your cool and be patient in the face of dissatisfaction or doubt. What can you do to increase this vital resource?

  • Recognize when your patience is wearing thin. It is easier to keep cool if you know that a challenge is on the horizon. In the case of an approaching deadline, for example, shifting your perspective on time can help relieve some of the stress. Work at a calm and smooth pace. This is particularly important when circumstances are tough. It helps you avoid mistakes and ultimately speeds up your team’s work.
  • Another strategy is to constantly express thanks. When the world seems gloomy, keep a record of things that bring you delight. Alternately, if you’d rather, set aside 10 minutes each day to consider your team’s successes, big or small. To become a more giving leader, less stressed, and more tolerant of unexpected or tough situations, take advantage of these occasions to express gratitude.

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