The Problem Creates Your Opportunity

solve the problem

Starting a business is difficult — and scaling it even more so — so you must be dedicated. The first step in creating any business is to figure out what problem your potential customers have and solve it.

  • Start by Identifying a problem with which you have a personal connection and which you are motivated to address before sending that “I quit!” email you’ve been fantasizing about. It’s possible that you’ve discovered flaws unique to your industry. Perhaps you belong to a market niche that is underserved by present products. Or maybe you have a recurring annoyance that you’re sure others have experienced as well.
  • Next, be certain you understand the value you’ll provide to customers. How are you going to make their life easier, more enjoyable, or more meaningful? How will you go above and beyond for them at all times?

Regardless of how you came up with the idea, you should feel compelled to start this particular business right now. It will make those mornings when you wake up wishing your problem was someone else’s far more bearable.

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