When Presenting Put Your Audience’s Needs First 


When presenting to an audience, it’s not your responsibility to win over the audience. If your audience is paying too close attention to you, they may actually miss the point of your speech. Instead, concentrate on being there and remaining attentive to the requirements of your audience.

  • Consider who you are presenting to from the minute you begin to plan your presentation. Maintain your concentration on your fictitious audience during each practice session. When you notice yourself drifting into autopilot, take a breath and start over with your phrase.
  • Before you begin to talk, take a deep breath and direct your gaze directly at your audience. then introduce yourself by using the pronoun “you,” e.g., “Each of you in this room…” or “I’d like to share with you a tale about the power of…” The fact that you are there to assist them is quickly communicated to your audience.

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