Marketing Doesn’t Take Place In A Vacuum


One of the most fundamental mistakes that companies (large and small) make in their marketing is the way they divide up the responsibility. Websites and SEO are managed by I.T. departments, advertising is handled by a marketing person, social media is handled by anyone who uses it in their personal life.

By not coordinating marketing channels properly you lose much of the value you are trying to create. Each channel needs to work with the others. SEO is greatly affected by social media. Social media channels should be bringing traffic to your website and vice versa. Advertising should continue the branding of the website and other digital channels. Here are some steps to make the coordination simpler:

  • Create a branding manual. Write down what colors, taglines, keywords, and messages can be used. make sure everyone follows the manual.
  • Make sure each team member knows what the others are doing. Don’t just launch new webpages. Share links to those pages on social media.
  • It’s not all about you. Share valuable information in blogs, social media, etc. Don’t just sell, inform.

Marketing messages need to work together to amplify and enhance their effectiveness. Taking out one ad is not advertising. It needs to run multiple times to have an effect. Utilizing all channels together makes that happen.

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