The Art Of Doing Nothing For A Better State Of Mind

State Of Mind

When someone asks you how you are, how often do you respond, “I’m busy.”  It’s a natural response. For most Americans, the thought of doing nothing seems silly or even lazy. However, more and more people are realizing how helpful it is to step back, enjoy silence, and let their minds roam. One cultural thought that perfectly captures this idea is Niksen, which is Dutch for “doing nothing” or “idleness.” Even though it sounds easy, Niksen has huge effects on our state of mind and well-being as a whole.

What Is Niksen?

Niksen is setting aside time on purpose to disconnect from things like work, goals, and other distractions and just be in the present moment without any plans. It’s not so much about meditation or mindfulness practice as it is about letting go of the need to always be doing something and letting yourself rest in a state of not doing anything.


One of the best things about Niksen is that it can help you relax and deal with worry. Today’s world moves quickly, and many of us are constantly juggling many tasks and feeling stressed out by the demands of work, family, and social duties. Playing Niksen gives us a much-needed break from all the noise and activity, letting our thoughts relax and recharge.

Niksen can also help people be more creative and solve problems better. Our minds can get stuck in rigid ways of thinking when we’re always focused on jobs and goals. By enjoying being idle, we make room for new ideas to come up and for our inner minds to connect things that don’t seem to go together. From Leonardo da Vinci to Albert Einstein, some of the smartest and most creative people in history knew how important free time was for sparking new ideas and creativity.

Niksen also encourages self-awareness and reflection. Because our lives are so busy, we often ignore our deepest feelings and thoughts and instead focus on things that are going on around us. By letting ourselves be still and do nothing, we give ourselves a chance to connect with our inner world and learn more about our deepest fears, hopes, and wishes.

How To Use Niksen

Setting aside big chunks of time isn’t always necessary to practice Niksen. Every day, even just a few minutes of nothing can make a big difference in our health and state of mind. The important thing is to enjoy the moment without expecting anything or judging it, whether we’re sitting quietly and watching our surroundings, taking a slow walk in the woods, or just staring out the window.

In a society that puts work ahead of everything else, the idea of doing nothing may be met with resistance or doubt. But it’s important to remember that rest and relaxation are not treats; they’re necessary for keeping your mind and body fit. We need quiet times to recharge our minds and hearts, just like we need sleep to get our bodies back to full strength.

Finally, Niksen is a great way to slow down and enjoy the beauty of idleness. He reminds us of how important it is to be present and slow down in today’s fast-paced world. We can make our lives more peaceful, clear, and happy by adding times when we don’t do anything to our daily schedules. Think about Niksen’s advice the next time you want to do something every second and let yourself enjoy the easy pleasure of doing nothing at all.

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