Success Is Your Choice


There are a lot of reasons people give for not succeeding. The economy is in bad shape. I live in a really bad place. I didn’t get the opportunity. The list keeps growing. Even though things outside of you can affect your success, in the end, it’s up to you to make it happen.

In a recent article about poorly performing schools, a student said that he now knows that it’s not his fault that he can’t read; it’s the fault of the school. Even though some of the blame lies with the school, the child and his family knew he couldn’t read. Did he try to find assistance? Was tutoring ? No. He didn’t do anything to improve his situation, so now he blames the school.

“Lean In” was written by Sheryl Sandberg to help women get ahead in business. When the book came out, a lot of women yelled, “How dare she suggest that we do something different!” Even though many more women were glad to get the advice, this group went back to thinking like victims and said, “It’s their fault, so why should we change?”

You can choose to be a success or a victim of your circumstances. Make wise choices.

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